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Hearing Aid technology

A belated happy new year to all! May it bring you all health, wealth and happiness for the next 365 days and beyond.

There are some specials we would like to make you aware of , offered by And How Hearing for the month of January. From now until the end of the month we offer Free hearing evaluations. Appointments are necessary, so call us at 203-754-2200.

Anyone purchasing a Siemens hearing system during the month will receive absolutely free a battery re-charger, with a retail value of $300. Just like your cell phone where you recharge the battery every night, hearing aids now work the same way. Plug them in after wearing them all day, recharge the battery for approximately 7 hours overnight and you get about 14-15 hours on the charge. They are very convenient, a time saver, and in the long run will save you money over regular hearing batteries. And for those with clumsy fingers like me, no more picking up batteries off the floor.

Finally, if you are curious what the new technology is all about we are offering you the opportunity to try hearing aids at no risk. We tell you all the time how technology has improved, but don’t take our word for it. We want you to try the hearing aids in your everyday situations. See if they do not help you with better understanding of conversations, hear that the TV isn’t as loud, and experience what hundreds of others just like have already found out. Hearing aids can improve your quality of life.

Among some of the other improvements with today’s technology is the ability to answer and hear your blue tooth telephone right through your hearing aids. It’s as simple as pushing a button, and through blue tooth streaming the conversation comes to you in stereo. You get to hear using both ears, making it much easier to hear on the phone.

Also your television can also  be streamed to the hearing aids. Now you can listen at normal levels, again using 2 ears at the same time. No longer hear the complaints that the television is to loud.

We are here  to help you hear better. Ask us questions, find out whats available and  what you are and are not hearing. Again, it is all about better living and better quality of live because you hear better . That is our only goal, to help you to hear better.

Remember we are offering free hearing evaluations for the month of January.  We would be more than happy to explain the many technological improvements available in today’s hearing aids.

We can also take care of your existing hearing aids. We repair all makes and models, we service all makes and models, we sell hearing aid batteries, we do hearing testing and evaluations, and we make custom ear molds. And sometimes our jokes are actually funny….

Better hearing is better living……. We look forward to meeting you shortly.







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