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Questions and some answers

Questions and some answers

Yesterday a client called looking for an appointment. When we suggested that he could come in today, and we inquired if his wife was planning on coming with him, he took offense at the suggestion. We explained why his wife should attend. We cited three key reasons 1) she is most aware of any hearing problems he might be suffering with 2) out of concern, she would want to know first hand about any potential hearing loss, and finally we stressed that usually both parties like to talk over financial matters together. After much arguing from the client, he finally agreed to ask his wife to come in with him.

Another client called yesterday also looking for an appointment. He had no problem arranging the appointment with his wife to accompany him. However, he kept repeatedly asking the “how much” question. Finally after asking several times, we heard his wife yelling to him, to stop asking.. It is very hard to know his life style, his  needs, his degree of hearing loss, and his  dexterity over the phone.All of these factors plus many others go into evaluating a persons need for hearing aids. Apparently the wife was used to this behavior from him, and had to take control.

I bring these instances to your attention to stress there are many factors in making a decision to even having your hearing tested. Many factors have to be considered,and it can not be done over the telephone. The purpose of you calling the office is to make sure you feel comfortable with the staff, and to set up the appointment. At the appointment when we have a hearing test in front of us we can then offer you an explanation of what you hear and what you don’t hear. And based upon the information we obtain, we then begin the process of making recommendations.

The first gentleman did come in with his wife. It was a great appointment. WE got to know one another a bit, I was able to get some history and found out the areas of concern about his hearing. When we were done, and I put on a trial set of hearing aids,  the wife went down the hall and was able to talk to and get responses from her husband. When she returned, her mind was made up, and she told her husband they were taking them.

The second appointment also showed up as a team. This was a bit more difficult, the husband wanting to know price before anything and the wife asking lots of questions as well. Finally after getting a better picture with his hearing results in front of me I began to explain why he couldn’t always understand his wife. I also pointed out why he was having problems understanding others. This immediately softened both of them. Once they understood the why’s, now they were asking me to solve their problems. When I showed them possible solutions, money was no longer a concern. They did settle for a mid level moderately priced set of hearing aids.

The point in both cases is you never know. People have all sorts of objections to getting hearing aids. Sometimes they make excuses  to put off doing the right thing.Sometimes they need more information, sometimes they need to hear what they have been missing. But given the right information, and having it explained in a friendly manner, without any pressure to “sell”, most people will do what is right and what is necessary.

Your in better hearing.



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Quality of Live is Drastically improved.

This is a follow up on the 86 year old woman, who was fit for hearing aids about 2 weeks ago. Read the post about her 1st experiences in my office.

Today she was in the office for minor tweaking of her new hearing aids. Naturally in the course of conversation I was curious how and where she noticed an improvement in her everyday life.

Among her many positive comments, I heard thing like, ” it is amazing to be able to talk to people and actually understand”. She made comments about how she enjoyed her group bingo sessions, and how chat around the table with her long time friends was much more enjoyable.

Her daughter Linda serving as driver and supporter was equally  impressed with mom’s new found hearing ability. For those who didn’t read the previous blog, when Linda came with her mom for the initial fitting she was in tears. Both she and her daughter were able to actually carry on a conversation with mom  for the first time in years.

At the original fitting, the first comment Linda heard  after the hearing aids were adjusted in her mom’s ear, was “Linda you are the best daughter ever and”I love you”. Lucille continues to  be amazed every day about what she is hearing. She is adapting quite well to  using the hearing aids, and has no problems with the recharger, nor with putting them into her ears. She does report her hands do get stiff every once in a while, but overall she is adjusting very  well.

The bottom line is Lucille continues to express remorse for not doing something sooner in life. Her happiness shows on her face as her eyes sparkle. Her family is overjoyed about carrying on a two way conversation, and having her part of their lives once again.

Only a few days before Christmas I once again get to experience how better hearing is indeed better living.  I experience how people smile, how much joy they get from being part of family again, how they feel, look and act like there is  a whole new world out there.

Live life to its fullest………


Today she was in for some minor adjustments


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