Welcome to And-How Hearing

For the past seventeen years we have been taking care of and improving the life of people just like you. Over that time we have seen tremendous improvements in hearing aid technology. We have progressed from making adjustments on hearing aids with a screw driver and crossed fingers, hoping we were turning the screw set in the right direction to produce better audibility. Just as your television signal changed from being analog to digital, hearing aids have followed suit. The reason is digital sound is better sound.

Today most hearing aids are highly sophisticated computers with digital technology imbedded in the hearing aids themselves. And cosmetically we have moved forward from the boxes worn around your neck, or the big bulky hearing aids of yesteryear worn behind your ears and visible to everyone, to mostly invisible lightweight hearing aids. The industry has made significant improvements in the cosmetics and absolute fantastic progress in producing quality sound.

With all these changes and in our opinion changes for the better has come the need to master the after care and follow up for our patients. With the advent of computer technology we are able to fine tune the hearing aids exactly to your likes and comfort level. We’ve progressed to hearing aids being able to adjust automatically.

The constant over the past seventeen years has been the need to determine the proper device for your particular situation. We match your lifestyle with your needs and your finances to come up with the best possible hearing improvement we can make for you. Our approach has always been and will continue to be one on one. We’ll sit with you to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your activities. We’ll explain why you are having problems in a manner you will understand. Only then will we offer suggestions on how to improve your quality of life.

You always will deal with the owner of the business, and you will never be pressured into anything. We believe that education is the key to making the proper decision about better hearing and doing what is right. And when it comes to continued support and outstanding service we will always be there for you.

As we start our eighteenth year we pledge our continued commitment to providing you with the best hearing possible. You will remain our most important customer; our time will be focused on you and your problems, together with the solutions. We will work hard to earn your trust and your business. Changes will continue to happen and we will stay current on the technology, again being focused on helping you to hear better.

We truly believe in the concept that better hearing results in better living. Thank you for visiting our web site and I look forward to personally meeting you shortly.

Yours in better hearing, 
Howard Raff BC-HIS
Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist
Owner: And- How Hearing


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