Comments on post about hearing aid usage in nursing homes.

09 Jan

It is shameful that as our hearing continues to deteriorate  we choose not to participate in conversations or any type of communications. Often it is the result of waiting far to long to address our hearing loss. As we tell everyone, it is never to early to address hearing loss. Not only are our faculties better to learn to adapt to better hearing, but we gain the ability to have conversation and be part of life. As we know, better hearing results in a far better quality of life. We all know people who have waited far to long. Think how we feel when we encounter these people who stare into space, essentially having no contact with anyone. Unable to hear even the simplest  utterance of hello.

If you are diagnosed with hearing loss don’t become one of these people. Don’t wait until it become more and more difficult to “restore” some usage of your hearing ability. There are loved ones who want to communicate with you, there are people who care for you and people who want you to enjoy to the maximum your quality of living.



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