Quality of Live is Drastically improved.

21 Dec

This is a follow up on the 86 year old woman, who was fit for hearing aids about 2 weeks ago. Read the post about her 1st experiences in my office.

Today she was in the office for minor tweaking of her new hearing aids. Naturally in the course of conversation I was curious how and where she noticed an improvement in her everyday life.

Among her many positive comments, I heard thing like, ” it is amazing to be able to talk to people and actually understand”. She made comments about how she enjoyed her group bingo sessions, and how chat around the table with her long time friends was much more enjoyable.

Her daughter Linda serving as driver and supporter was equally  impressed with mom’s new found hearing ability. For those who didn’t read the previous blog, when Linda came with her mom for the initial fitting she was in tears. Both she and her daughter were able to actually carry on a conversation with mom  for the first time in years.

At the original fitting, the first comment Linda heard  after the hearing aids were adjusted in her mom’s ear, was “Linda you are the best daughter ever and”I love you”. Lucille continues to  be amazed every day about what she is hearing. She is adapting quite well to  using the hearing aids, and has no problems with the recharger, nor with putting them into her ears. She does report her hands do get stiff every once in a while, but overall she is adjusting very  well.

The bottom line is Lucille continues to express remorse for not doing something sooner in life. Her happiness shows on her face as her eyes sparkle. Her family is overjoyed about carrying on a two way conversation, and having her part of their lives once again.

Only a few days before Christmas I once again get to experience how better hearing is indeed better living.  I experience how people smile, how much joy they get from being part of family again, how they feel, look and act like there is  a whole new world out there.

Live life to its fullest………


Today she was in for some minor adjustments


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