08 Dec

Hear better in time for the Holidays. When family gathers, maybe for the first time since last year, do you want to be part of the conversation. Are you tired of saying what, what. With a FREE Evaluation, you have nothing to lose and a more fulfilling life to gain.

And-How Hearing

Do you have problems understanding in noise? Do you have  the television or radio so loud, others complain? Do you miss parts of conversations? Do you have difficulty telling  which direction sound is coming from?  Are you becoming less active because you are tired of asking people to repeat themselves? When at a party or social gathering  do you ever feel like people are talking about you. Have other people mentioned that you are not understanding?

My friends, these are warning signs of hearing loss. And hearing loss effects your quality of life. Just ask your spouse or partner how they feel when they have to repeat things there or four times. You tell them not to yell at you, and still you are not communicating properly. How do you feel when the grand children get on the phone and you can not understand them, and you see them so…

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