Happy Holiday

20 Nov

As we approach Thanksgiving and the start of the official holiday season I want to wish l a joyous, prosperous, and most importantly a healthy holiday to all.

At this time of the year families often reunite. Children and grandchildren perhaps visit from out of state. Maybe you drive to see aunts and uncles, or friends you have not seen in a long time. We eat, drink and we generally have a great time.

However some of us suffer through the holidays. The suffering is caused by an inability to hear the family members properly. Sitting around the dinner table trying to understand becomes frustrating. Asking people to repeat themselves is a bother, and besides you know you are not going to understand them anyway.

So you suffer,frustrated and saddened, maybe even depressed. What should be a joyous occasion you suddenly find being a struggle. You are not participating in the fun.You are angry, you are reluctant to partake in the conversations, you sit wondering what you are missing. You want the company to leave and you want to be left alone.

Remember these are supposed to be joyous times. A celebration with friends and family.A gathering of loved ones, people you might not see often. I urge you, if this is you, don’t suffer. Have your hearing evaluated, recognize that there is probably help available. Learn to celebrate once again. Life is better when you hear and understand whats going on around you, and you can communicate with those whom matter most to you.

To make the holidays a happy occasion, And How Hearing is offering the opportunity to have a free hearing evaluation. From now to the end of the year call us, schedule an appointment in either of our offices, and we’ll tell you if we can turn those family gatherings back to the joyous, wonderful, fun times they are supposed to be. It is our gift to you.

Holidays should be happy, a time of family celebration, and  pleasant memories.

Enjoy !!!!!


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