Hearing and quality of life.

17 Nov

Are you having problems understanding certain people? Do some people seem to be mumbling or perhaps sounding as if they have marbles in their mouth? Do you often ask others  to repeat themselves? Do others complain that the television or radio is to loud? Do you have a ringing noise or other sounds coming from either ear? 

My friends these are warning signs of hearing loss. Hearing loss usually is a very slow and gradual process. In fact, those around you will notice  your lack of understanding ability long before you.

Think about your spouse or partner who has to repeat themselves several times, each time raising their voices louder. Do you think that situation isn’t effecting both of your life’s. As you develop a hearing loss you tend to withdraw. Perhaps you don’t partake of meetings like you once did because you know you won’t be able to understand. At social gatherings or at family get together you sit alone in the corner.

Maybe you feel as if they are talking about you and it leads to your being sad and maybe even depressed. More arguments are happening every day, because you don’t understand exactly what is being said. You ignore things you enjoyed doing, blaming it on the noisy room., or making an excuse for not going, when indeed its because you miss so much of what’s being said.

Study after study document the effect hearing loss  has on quality of living. Every one reacts differently to loss of hearing, but it is having an effect on you and those around you.. If you want to improve your quality of life, THERE IS HELP.  The most important step you can take is to make the decision to get  that help.

Have questions, or perhaps share your experience and how its affecting  you and your loved ones. Feel free to respond to this blog and future blogs.

Yours in better hearing…-..



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